Política de frete

Frijja.com is able to offer products at bargain prices by eliminating the middle man. You get the products directly from manufacturers. The delivery time is a little longer but the savings are worth it.

Fulfillment and shipping of Buyer’s order will occur after full payment is made. Buyer will be provided with a tracking number for each order. An order is deemed to be shipped when an activated tracking number showing the first checkpoint in the shipping process has occurred.

Buyers are responsible for making sure that the shipping information provided in any order is valid. We reserve the right to cancel any orders containing Buyer shipping information that is invalid.

Buyers must ensure that they provide accurate telephone and/or email for communication. We reserve the right to cancel any orders where the Buyer fails to provide this information. Moreover, if the Buyer fails to provide such information and the we are unable to deliver the Product(s) to Buyer, the delivery failure will be deemed Buyer’s fault and will not be eligible for a refund or order re-shipment.

Products are only delivered FREE to the 60 countries designated by Frijja.com in the Product listings. Buyers should ensure they have checked all of the applicable delivery details, such as the delivery method and estimated delivery time within each Product page, as they may vary depending on the warehouse shipping the order. Most shipments originate in China, Estonia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, United States or Germany.

Holiday or other events (an “Event”) may cause delays in delivery of orders. When Frijja.com becomes aware of any such possible delays, it will, where reasonably possible, inform Buyers via email.

Most shipments arrive to their destination between 15-30 days depending on the origin of the shipment. Shipments originating from the United States deliver within the same country will take 2-3 days.