Wearing Green and Gold on St. Patrick’s

On my search for products for my online accessories store (www.frijja.com), I always come across so many unique products for everyone. Today, I begin a blogging journey to write about those unique trendy items I find on my searches.
Let’s start with the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. March 17th is the day to wear green to show your Irish ancestry pride.  St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. This is the day when green of all shades and gold can be worn as loudly as possible. Shamrock, pot of gold, leprechaun are symbols representing the holiday. The shamrock was considered a sacred plant by the Celts in ancient Ireland; and is a symbol of good luck when found with four leaves.  
Among those cute, trendy items in green and gold, I found some accessories to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; and help you display your Irish heritage. We all have been there...how much is too much green, too much gold or too much glitter? There is a wide assortment of accessories from plastic, paper to the most valuable silver and gold. They are all cute, goofy and funny. What to wear to celebrate the day but maintain your fashion style?
Jewelry, of all types, helps you display your St. Patrick’s favorite symbol, the shamrock.  Best of all you can wear it again all year round or just wear it for good luck. Nail polish strips, a new concept and great alternative to manicures. They last and come in the most intricate designs.  Here are some options to help you celebrate the day:

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